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Since 1970, thousands of spectators have gathered on Saturday morning to watch a "fintastic" array of marching bands, foot-stomping drill teams, spirited equestrians and specialty units entertain in the Salmon Days Grand Parade. We welcome you to join us in celebrating the festival’s 51st year and become part of this crowd-pleasing tradition.




Notification of acceptance will be sent by email.
Accepted entries cancelled after September 5, 2020 will not be refunded.

Please read parade rules carefully as some have changed. You must enter something in every field marked with an asterisk.

NOTE: If you have any questions regarding your application please call us at 425-392-7024 or email us at

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Parade Rules (Please agree to and check the following boxes to submit and continue with your application)

The following rules and regulations apply to all Grande Parade applicants:

  • Timeline:
    • Application deadline: August 30th (line ups are made based on registration date).
    • Parade entries received by September 10th will be mentioned in the Oh!Fishal Parade Program.
    • Final deadline to register is the Friday before the festival.
  • Entries must observe all applicable rules and regulations and follow all instructions from Issaquah Police Department police, Salmon Days staff, volunteers and parade officials or be removed from the parade. The Issaquah Salmon Days Festival and the Parade Committee reserve the right to remove any entrant from the parade.
  • All entries are by invitation only and must be approved by the Parade Committee. Accepted entries will receive written notice. Entries may display a wide variety of design, as long as they meet all parade rules and regulations.
  • For environmental reasons, balloons are not permitted in any area of the parade or festival.
  • No children under the age of EIGHT (8) will be allowed to WALK in the parade because the pace must be maintained throughout the parade route.
  • Your assembly area and assembly time will be forwarded to you in a separate letter.
  • Parking: any vehicle(s) that will be in the parade must park in designated staging areas.  Any additional vehicles associated with your entry that are NOT in the parade must park in public parking areas only. 
  • Insurance mandates NO material may be handed out or thrown or sprayed along the parade route. Distribution of candy, gifts, merchandise, literature or other material along the line is strictly prohibited because it can encourage spectators to leave their seats and enter into the path of vehicles, floats, horses, etc.
  • Forward movement maneuvers ONLY are permitted by the marching units. A spacing of fifty (50) feet between each unit will be enforced. All units are required to close the gap between participants when asked by parade officials.
  • Parade participants may not mingle with or accost parade route spectators.
  • Floats and other units will not be allowed that use any discriminatory graphics, photos, text, actions, depictions, attire, etc. of any kind that are discriminatory based on the grounds of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, age and sensory, mental or physical handicap; or that are determined unlawful for any other reason. Parade participants must ensure they conform to the State's RCW49.60.030 Freedom from Discrimination law and that there is no posting, wearing of or use of items that violate the anti-hate crime laws.
  • Floats and other units will not be allowed for any politician or political activity whatsoever. The only exception may be the inclusion of a current City of Issaquah Councilperson, the Mayor, or other City staff or officials acting as a parade dignitary on a non-campaign and non-partisan basis by invitation of the Parade Committee only.
  • Smoking, vaping, alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are strictly forbidden on any float, in any vehicle or on the person of any participant.
  • Participants consuming alcohol or taking illegal drugs prior to or during the parade, or appearing intoxicated or impaired (for any reason, including legal medication) will be removed from the line-up.
  • No additional vehicles (including, but not limited to cars, vans, scooters and marchers) will be allowed to accompany units, unless deemed essential by the Parade Committee.
  • The Issaquah Salmon Days Festival reserves the right to withdraw any unit of which costume or performance does not meet parade rules and regulations, or conform to the standards of reasonable public taste.
  • Entries that do not appear on parade day without prior notification to the Festival Office, or do not comply with the rules and regulations, will jeopardize their future invitations to the Grande Parade.
  • The Issaquah Salmon Days Festival does not accept responsibility for traveling expenses, food or lodging of any entry.
  • Royalty must ride upon a float.
  • Commercial entries, including any entry sponsored by or displaying commercial signage, will be charged $175 to enter the Grande Parade. This fee is waived for Salmon Days Spawnsors and members of IFEA/WFEA.

Float & Vehicle Requirements

  • Floats should be entirely covered. No part of the vehicle on which the float is built, or in the case of a two-unit entry, no part of the pulling unit shall be visible to the judges or spectators.
  • Floats are not to exceed 13 1/2 feet in height or 16 feet in width. Maximum length is 60 feet per unit.
  • All drivers must show their current valid driver's license to the on-site parade coordinator. Anyone refusing to do so will not be allowed to drive in parade. All drivers must remain with floats at all times and be appropriately dressed. No changing of drivers allowed without approval and driver's license verification by parade coordinator.
  • All participants riding on floats must be wearing safety belts or have handholds while the float is moving. Floats that do not have safety belts or hand holds will not be allowed in the parade. Safety belts must be worn on the outside of garments.
  • All floats must be assembled, and royalty must be in place by 7:30 a.m. to be moved from the school to the lineup area. Judging will take place on Rainier Blvd at 8 a.m. the designated assembly area. Representatives must check-in prior to lining up to pick-up parade entry number.
  • See Insurance Requirements below.

Equestrian and other Animal Entry Requirements

  • No riders under twelve (12) years of age.
  • No stallions.
  • Only one rider per horse.
  • Each rider (or group) must provide their own clean-up unit. Any entry without a clean-up unit will not be allowed on the parade route.
  • Any rider or trainer showing inability to control their animal will be deemed unsafe and will be removed from the parade.
  • Horses and other animal entries will be judged in route.
  • See Insurance Requirements below.

Band & Marching Unit Requirements

  • All entries must be in full uniform.
  • If for any reason, a gap of greater than 50 feet is created, marching units must increase the pace to close the gap.
  • All marching units must maintain a forward motion. Routines which cause any gaps will not be permitted. Stopping or reverse motion on the parade route will be grounds for disqualification. This may also result in removal from the parade and jeopardize future invitations to any Issaquah Salmon Days Festival Grande Parade.

Insurance Requirements

  • All floats, business-owned or commercial vehicles, and equestrian entries must provide a Certificate of Commercial General Liability Insurance as proof of insurance (required insurance: combined bodily injury and property damage with limits of $1,000,000, on an occurrence basis with participant coverage as primary and non-contributory with the parade activity listed on Certificate page as an included activity). The Issaquah Salmon Days Festival, Issaquah Chamber of Commerce and City of Issaquah must be named as Additional Insured, and appropriate Additional Insured Endorsement must be attached, or policy pages provided showing the Additional Insured Endorsement has been added to the policy.
  • All individually-owned (and non-business/non-commercial) vehicles entries must provide a copy of current, valid vehicle liability insurance meeting Washington State minimum liability limits.
  • All insurance documentation must be received by the Festival Office no later than September 15, 2020.
  • Any entry not providing the required insurance documentation will not be allowed to participate in the parade.

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By Using the Event Essentials System you agree for Event Essentials to use your personal information to complete the Purchase, Donation, and/or Registration. For more information click here.

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